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It all began when my son, Malik who has Down Syndrome and Autism couldn't bare wearing those boring compression vest when he was 6 years old. Due to his lack of verbal skills he would snatch it off and throw it across the room, so I had to assume the vests were uncomfortable. It wasn't until Malik got a little older and was able to independently dress himself when I realized it had more to do with his sense of style being invaded!  After many observations of watching him get dressed, I often found him looking in the mirror checking himself over to see how he looked and more so, to see if his shirt had some sort of design on it and if not, it caused his meltdowns (crazzzy), and this is when my interest in designing stylish and unique garments to help calm and organize was born! 

My goal is to create uniquely constructed clothing that provides deep calming pressure without being noticeable. In addition, I hope to one day create jobs for disabled adults to join the Uniquely Regal team. Looking back, I can remember my very first visual image of fashionable sensory clothing when I was walking on campus one day ten years ago and BAM an image of a stylish compression jacket came to mind and since then, I was hooked to create a true clothing brand for kids with sensory challenges (too bad I couldn't sew sleeves on a dress), so I graduated in Social Work. 

Every step of the production process is done in Minnesota to minimize our environmental footprint while supporting two American factories, so this ensures hands-on all the way through. From selecting the fabrics, over seeing every aspect of each design and even testing them out on my own sensory seekers (because they are the reason behind each idea), I get to make the highest quality product for families.  

When it comes to fashion, I believe everyone should be inclusive. My mission is to improve customers day- to-day functioning and simplifying customers and caregivers lives in style- this brand is for all of my sensory seeking princes & princesses and for their fierce caregivers who desire integration, function and style!


LaToya- owner
From our family to yours! 

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