It all started when my son, Malik who has Down Syndrome and Autism couldn't bare wearing those boring compression vest when he was 6 years old. Due to his lack of verbal skills he would snatch it off and throw it across the room, so I had to assume the vests were uncomfortable. It wasn't until Malik got a little older and was able to independently dress himself when I realized it had more to do with his sense of style being invaded!  After many observations of watching him get dressed, I often found him looking in the mirror checking himself over to see how he looked and more so, to see if his shirt had some sort of design on it and if not, it caused his meltdowns...this was super mind blowing, and this is when my interest to design stylish, functional garments to help with behaviors was awaken!



Looking back, I can remember my very first visual image of fashionable sensory clothes, was when I was in college (2007),  walking on campus at St. Catherine University and BAM a vision of a stylish compression jacket came to mind and since then, I was HOOKED to create a true clothing brand for kids with sensory challenges...too bad I couldn't sew sleeves on a dress to save my life! Haha, so I immediately got out the fashion design field and transfer into social work, which I already new best, right! 

After obtaining my degree in social worker in 2010, I got a job as an Employment Coordinator for adults with development delays and this is where my co-worker Collette, encouraged me to pursue my dream job to design stylish apparel that's functional for kiddos with neurological challenges. With my new found support, I stepped out on faith and began my REGAL journey by coming up with practical designs and finding local seamstresses and factories to bring my visions to fruition. 

After blood, sweat and literally tears of finding quality and affordable fabrics and production manufacturing, I have successfully produce my starting designs consisting of weighted, compression, and adaptive pieces. Each product has my personal touch and expertise from my very own challenges with my kiddos, so I'm very hands-on all the way through. I love that every step of the production process is done in Minnesota to minimize our environmental footprint while supporting two American factories. From selecting the fabrics, over seeing every aspect of each design and even testing them out on my own sensory seekers (because they are the reason behind each idea), I get to make the highest quality product for families.  


1. INCLUSION. When it comes to integration, I wanted Malik to have clothing that met all of his sensory needs and for him to look well dressed like his peers; in addition, I wanted to combine both my passion for fashion and  interest for working with special needs children ~ putting special needs children on the map in the fashion industry was a huge dream of mines. 

2. FUNCTION. How to get the clothing piece to support my kids needs, all while making my life easier as a busy parent was always the question at hand. Each design is created to provide sensory integration and become a seamless part of families everyday lives. 

3. STYLE. This is what its all about. I learned with Malik that kiddos on the spectrum love style that makes a statement too. I wanted clothing that didn't have the stigma stamped with it and to allow sensory seekers or avoiders to express their sense of style. 

When it comes to fashion, I believe everyone should be inclusive: This brand is for all of the unique princes and princesses and for their fierce caregivers who desire INCLUSION.FUNCTION.STYLE.

 From our family, to yours!