June 18, 2016

Sensory Clothes: Fashion Illustrations

By LaToya Lewis
Sensory Clothes: Fashion Illustrations

When it came time to deciding what type of fabric colors and prints to shape the brand, I honestly had no clue!

floral, stripes, patterns?! Oh my!!

This was so overwhelming, but I began to think about the kiddos I design for and their personality and it it dawned on me that I wanted to transition the negatives or not so good aspects of their diagnosis into a positive and incorporate it into the brands signature style image. For example, most ASD children experience repetitive behaviors, so I thought it would unique to show this in the clothing with prints, such as abstract and geometric patterns. More so, I wanted to include colors and prints that represent their personalities- flamboyant and bold, yet calm and mysterious.

Parents like myself can take their kiddo(s) anywhere in my sensory clothes i.e. doctors appointment, school or simply to the park and be happy and confident in knowing their child is benefiting from both function and fashion that's truly crafted for their child!

Uniquely Regal brand goal is to support our kiddos the way they are, exemplify their lifestyle through style; all while keeping up with current fashion trends! Weighted & Compression clothing has never been this fun! Ahhhhh :) 



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