August 30, 2017

Adaptive, Inescapable Rompers

By LaToya Lewis

Yaaaaayyy... no more feeling like "spiders crawling up her back" -says, Marcella when it came to her clothes (or that it's itchy and bothers her)........

You know the saying,"when your sick and tired, your sick and tired" of the same thing over and over?! This was me with my four year old daughter, Marcella taking off her clothes constantly at home and even worse, in the car! This dreadful experience was not so fun during the winter season as I had to climb in the back seat to dress her from head to toe again and again. It's bad enough driving in the winter, but to have the additional piercing screams because the clothes feel like it hurts or because it's super itchy makes the errands even worse! So, enough was enough. I had to create something that was both comfortable, yet challenging to get off. After some weeks of brainstorming, I decided to go with Rompers not only because they are trending, but also because they're easily accessible! At this point, I've decided to add the back zipper and flap so that Marcella couldn't remove the outfit. I had a few samples made for her before finalizing the Romper and she loved complaints, itchiness, or meltdowns!!!

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, what about potty time?! Well, just like any other clothing with snaps, buttons or zippers on the back side we just simply unzip her and she goes to the bathroom just fine! Independence in this area is not a goal or concern due to Marcella being able to communicate when she has to potty, so it's really a seamless "task" for me to help her. With experiencing the ease and less stress with this new product, I had to question myself regarding Malik (my 17 year old son who has Down Syndrome & Autism).....W•H•Y didn't I think of this design sooner when he was younger?! I had to deal with so many poop smearing (even in his mouth!).

Facts: This behavior derived from sensory input needs.Kids (and adults) with sensory challenges senses doesn't function properly like most people's do. Instead of the sensations running smoothly, they experience sensory overload or rather, a sensory traffic jam in their brain blocking the sensory signals they need. As a result, they seek out other sensations, like jumping or swinging or the complete opposite, they avoid the sensations that overflow the brain.

(In Malik's case, handling all of the senses as a toddler he was completely unaware of what he was holding or doing!)

Ok- back to the Rompers.......
Once I realized the value of these goodies by utilizing them in my own every day life and looking back on the past with Malik, I thought about many other families who could possibly benefit from them, so after sharing it on social media and receiving a strong feedback from mothers, teachers and therapists, I had to produce more! It brings me great joy to help lessen the stress load and anxiety of my fellow special needs parents, all while keeping their kids comfortable and safe!

The Inescapable Zipper-Back Rompers are made to eliminate certain behaviors, but they are are also designed with experience, style, and comfort that every family can appreciate!

Overtime, I plan on designing even more fun and trendy styles, so go BUY and happy shopping!!! :) 



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