November 16, 2016

Buyers Guide: Sensory Clothes

By LaToya Lewis

  • Weighted Polo - in need of some pressure input through weights?!...the polo shirt is  great for softness, style, and has a concealed option of keeping the weight free from touch and unseen which is perfect for school, events, shopping and school and family photos! Put your child on this sensory friendly shirt for comfort and style and just keep the neck weight near by for some 'deep' pressure input. (I recommend sending the shirt to school or have your child wear it to school and have the neck weight in the backpack for staff to use when necessary and utilize the weight throughout the day)! 

  • Dresses - girls really like pretty, fashionable and fun things! Our dresses give just that with the benefits of compression fabric that's built right into the bodice section, providing a snug and gentle huggable fit. Girls can spin and twirl in this dress without the pain of tags and seams!! This dress is great for all occasions and for the fall/winter season just add a long sleeve shirt and leggings underneath....don't forget the belt for additional pressure input!

  • Fitted Shirt & Skirted Leggings - snugs, snugs, snugs! These two items hug the muscles and joints in comfort and style. No tags or seams irritating the skin. Kids can keep their sense of fashion while receiving a fitted hug and in addition weights can be added into the pockets on the skirted leggings which is unseen, so children can still look cool in their fashionable, functional clothes. Both items are great for play time, school, shopping, events, car rides and short walks! Great for the fall/winter season.


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