March 30, 2016

Autism: White T's & Blue Jeans

By LaToya Lewis

The purpose of this ad campaign targeted for the Autistic population, whether it be the individuals themselves or their parents, caregivers, relatives, or even the professionals who work with them is to represent the reality of their lives when it comes to clothes! Kreative Clothing Designs, LLC is a company built to design...creative clothing! As a company that personally knows what it is like for Autism families, we excitingly bring you a clothing brand that highlights the unique qualities that are often viewed as negative of children on the spectrum. We wanted to take these challenges and provide both function and fashion, all in one!

Let's be honest...........

We all have seen or personally experienced it -  the boring t-shirts and sweat pants or the cartoon character themed clothes! It's understandable that yes, the clothes are comfortable, easy to handle and easy for independent dressing or that the Disney cartoon characters is most liked, so it encourages the desire to get dress with minimal struggles and  meltdowns, or SIMPLY that kids just love their favorite action hero or cartoon character (there is absolutely nothing wrong with that), but I'm here to say, there is another alternative...finally! Our goal is to represent those on the Autism spectrum in the field of the fashion industry. This brand is an option that provides comfort, style, and function to help support sensory needs! The photo you see isn't just a group of kids who have Autism, but an image celebrating who they are in the field of the fashion industry - present, vibrant, lively, animated, and exuberant!

 So, to answer the internal hidden and unspoken stigma question: What's with the boring and kids character theme clothes??!

Well, everyone has the right to wear what they like and feel most like themselves, but we can't wait to offer kids with unique needs something new, trendy and current and take them out of the only presented available clothing items for them...the plain, boring and medical looking clothes and dress them in Uniquely Regal, a clothing resource that improves behaviors, attention, balance and let's not leave out... self confidence :)

We hope you all enjoy and appreciate what we design for you and your child, always in mind!

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