Adaptive Compression Dress

  • Adaptive Compression Dress
  • Adaptive Compression Dress

Compression Wear -                                

Inventory on hold until Spring, 2019

The Compression Dress is designed to provide a gentle "hugable" fit to the shoulders and bodice area, giving deep pressure calming and organizing sensory input. The child can simply put on the dress without worrying which way it goes; the non designated front or back feature allows putting on and taking off the dress a breeze, no matter how it's put on! These dresses can be worn all day, allowing sensory seekers to feel fashionable and centered at the same time and the compression material is creatively built into the dress to meet both sensory needs and style without having to wear a boring vest!

Pretty and patterned with a subtle neckline and twirl-worthy skater silhouette - stretch added for play/work ready comfort! 

colors and prints vary

Uniquely crafted for kids with neurological challenges including Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Down Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorders. Our garments are designed to help with focus and self regulation. Use with adult supervision.

  • crew neck 
  • cap sleeves
  • elastic waist 
  • knee length skirt
  • soft pleated patterned skirt
  • soft seams- for no itchiness 
  • tagless, heat transfer labels-for no itchiness 
  • reversible - no designated front or back for the independent dresser
  • machine washable


Helps With
✔️Aggression ✔️Attention ✔️Body Awareness ✔️Low Muscle Tone ✔️Meltdowns ✔️Transitions


Size Chart

For a snug fit, choose size according to age. Children who are larger or smaller than their peers should size up or size down accordingly.

numeric size size height bust/chest waist
2T XXS 33-35.5 21 20.5
3/4T XS 36-43 22-23 21-21.5
5/6 XS 43-48 24-26 22-23
7/8 S 49 -53.5 27-28 23.5-24.5
10/12 M 54-58 29-31 25-26
14/16 L 59-63 32-34


         all measurements are in inches, unless otherwise noted.