Polo - Weighted Shirt

  • Polo - Weighted Shirt
  • Polo - Weighted Shirt
  • Polo - Weighted Shirt
  • Polo - Weighted Shirt

Weighted Wear- A Stylish Polo with Weight                                                                   

The Polo Shirts are designed to meet both function and style without compromising one for the other. It's very beneficial for calming the overstimulated child; improving focus; and limiting aggressive and self-stimulatory behaviors. The 'Neck Weight Wrap' is uniquely concealed inside the interior pocket of the shirt's yoke, so it's hidden! Perfect for sensory seekers who crave deep pressure while sitting and waiting at school, appointments, and at events. Wear for comfort, style, and the need of proprioceptive (calming) input without the worry or frustration of the neck weight falling off. This Polo shirt can be worn all day; just insert or remove the weight when needed. Plus, seekers can't get to it! 

*Neck Weight Sold Separately (see weighted neck wrap, below) + FREE SHIPPING


 Use weighted products with adult supervision and guidance from a therapist. You may benefit from 20-30 minutes of wear each hour, or longer. For faster calming input, insert the weight a few minutes prior to activity or event.

Uniquely crafted for kids and teens with neurological challenges including Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Down Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorders. Our garments are designed to help with focus and self regulation.

  • soft touch cotton
  • flat seams- for no itchiness
  • tag less/heat transfer label- for no itchiness
  • polo collar
  • zip front hidden zipper closure
  • back exposed zipper
  • internal pocket to hold neck weight
  • regular fit- true to size
  • machine wash


Helps With
✔️Aggression ✔️Attention ✔️Body Awareness ✔️Low Muscle Tone ✔️Meltdowns ✔️Transitions

 Size Chart

numeric size size height chest waist hip
4T XS 40-43 23 21.5 23
5T XS 43-45.5 24 22 24
6T S 45.5-47.5 25 22.5 25
7/8 S 47.5-50.25/50.25-53.5 26 23/24 26/28
10/12 M 53.5-56.5/56.5-60 27/28 25/26 29/30
14/16 L 60-63.25/63.25-65.25 30/32 28/30 32/34

 all measurements are in inches, unless otherwise noted.

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